Round Robin Softball Tournament Schedule

Use this page to create a Tournament Schedule. The schedule is suitable for any Slow Pitch or Fast Pitch Softball Tournament; but it can also be used for any type of tournament.

It Features:
  • Truly randomized schedule
  • Optimized scheduling to ensure only 1 team plays an extra game when odd number of teams exist.
  • Randomized and balanced use of diamonds
  • Schedule up to 250 teams across 32 diamonds!
  • Schedule a tournament or an entire season

This Tournament Schedule Creator can create a variety of schedule types, including Round-Robin, Double Round-Robin, guaranteed number of games, and more... The generator utilizes the widely accepted round-robin algorithm to ensure a randomized schedule.

Choose the number of teams, the tournament style, and the number of diamonds, then click on Generate to display a tournament schedule. You may also print the schedule as a PDF and use it to enter the game scores.
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